The glasshouses of La Fayolle

A natural and preserved environment

A project dedicated to nature lovers.

In La Fayolle, Maryse and Marc will welcome you on their five hectare estate, situated on a hill with a stunning view on the wooden landscape.
The estate includes an old property from the 16th century, an orchard where we grow a variety of fruits, a garden, a henhouse, a donkey called Figaro who welcomes guests with an eeaawww…

Lighting effects

In order to enjoy the summer evenings, we used to sleep outside under the stars often, which is where the idea to share this unique sensation with you began.

We used to run a traditional B&B nearby, now we want to allow you discover and enjoy our exceptional, natural and beautiful environment.
You couldn’t get closer to nature.

Extraordinary garden… nice and organic !

Homemade food from traditional recepies.

We offer all year our local recipes, deserts and home made drinks.

We  grow  organic raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrents, blackberries… . The garden is natural (no chemical products), watered with our spring water.
Other products come from local markets and local producers.


All year round

Summer will offer you the opportunity to taste our own home grown fruits and vegetables.
Autumn will allow you enjoy home grown mushrooms, sweet chestnut, delicacies cooked on the fire.

We offer all year our local recipes, deserts and home made drinks.

Who leaves here ?

Maryse, Marc and their animals : dog, cat, donkey, chicken and peacocks , and more wild animals : birds, birds of pray, squirels, hedjokes, wild bores, dears…